Catering in Kazakhstan

Catering in Kazakhstan

From day to day catering is becoming more popular in Kazakhstan. Nowadays situation in the Catering Market is ambiguous. There are about 60 companies in Almaty which can offer this kind of service. From the first sight there are not so many companies, but despite this fact it is very difficult for a new company to survive in this market because of the strong competition. There are big catering companies, such as «Royal Catering», «Ezhik Catering», «Almaty Catering», «Kalinka Catering» and others, that can offer you a huge range of services. However, it should be mentioned that there are a lot of unreliable services. It is the dark side of the market. There is a special epithet to these services- cowboy catering companies. These firms can spoil client’s reliance in catering service at all. According to the market analysis today there is a huge number of Kazakh catering companies, but also there are Turkish and Russian companies. But Kazakh firms prevail in the market.

When we talk about types of catering in Kazakhstan and how well they are developed it should be noted that the most popular kind of catering service is industrial catering. This type of catering involves delivery of food to offices, universities, schools or preparing food in their place. Luxury catering and fine dining restaurants are also well developed.

In addition, it should be mentioned that foreign customers from large companies prevail as clients of catering service. But, recently there appeared a reverse trend — our local companies and managers aggregate to catering service and understand its profitability and utility.

In developing catering industry in Kazakhstan there are advantages and disadvantages. But they are different in the different types of catering. There are four main types of catering: mobile catering, special event catering, business catering and industrial catering.

Mobile catering moves from place to place in vans or tracks and carry food, drinks and equipment. To be honest, this kind of catering is not so developed in Kazakhstan, but it grows briskly. For example, there are coffee companies which use van and move around city. One of them is «Coffeemobile».

As you can see mobile catering has a lot of advantages. For example, low start-up costs. To open this catering firm you only need a van and equipment. Also mobile catering can be easily managed because you do not have a big team (only 3-4 employees). In addition, it does not need a marketing company. Your van is the best advertisement. You can change the place in case of customers’ lack. Despite these facts, mobile catering has some disadvantages. First of all, to cook some meals chief should have special conditions, so that mobile catering can offer only easy meals. Also it should be noted that your customers are not loyal because of the changing location. It is very risky. If your customer does not find your company at a particular place he will go to another cafe or restaurant.

The next one is a special event catering which includes food for marriages, jubilees, entertainment and different parties. It often provides the performance and service of the meal as perfectly as various kinds of event planning. Several event caterers are limited on one type of event, whereas others create them all.

Pros: Besides using your chief-cooker’s skills, you may practice other shapes of unusual abilities for decorating and arranging the event. Furthermore, take into consideration dealing with music players, rental companies, and floriculture specialists and meeting points to raise your benefits.

It is a pleasant place to generate a solid word-of-mouth image. For instance, if one marriage is catered perfectly, friends and guests of newlyweds surely will be glad to contact with you at their future events.

Cons: If you are not delighted with this type of work, it can be laborious and tensive. Many gifted chefs are indecisive to get into event catering because the event-organizing aspects do not attract them. Since you are catering an event that is apparently very intimate and private for your clients, the only error on your part can send clients into a fit.

One of the most popular and developed kinds of catering is business catering. It includes food for corporate parties, business meetings, lunches, training sittings and conferences. It is one type of catering that is mostly in demand. Anyway, there is also a lot of rivalry in the market space.

Pros: The first advantage of business catering lies in the fact that it can be organized all the year round in comparison with a mobile caterers and special event caterers.The second advantage is similar to the situation with special event catering. If your service appeals to your corporate clients from the first time, they will turn to you again to cater another meeting or various corporate parties or events.

Cons: As corporate meetings and events usually try to oblige each person, you are bounded in your kitchen to kinds of meals that are extensively well-known.

Some fast-casual chain restaurants suggest delivery catering for lunches and meetings and usually take a large part of the business catering market. You should contest with these companies.

The next type of catering is industrial catering. There are some pros of industrial catering. First of all, company has long term contracts with customers, so that firm guarantees payment for this period. Second advantage is that you do not need to think about service. Your customers are, for example, institutions or airlines delivery service. However, this kind of catering has some cons. Firstly, it is a very competitive market and at the beginning it will be difficult to compete with them. It is very difficult to control and keep high quality, because of providing large amounts of food.

Every kind of catering procedure has its’ proper appeal and lacks. If you want to be competitive company you should not use only one kind of operation. For example, at first you can choose specialization and then add other services. Because of the demand for catering service, definitely it will develop further. Companies become more competitive. It has good influence on the market because only the best companies can exist. Unreliable catering firms quit the market. It should be recommended to develop mobile catering and business catering because there is big potential to growth — the market is not still covered with these types of service. Finally, it should be noted that catering service is the most developing part of restaurant business. It growths for 10% per year so that every entrepreneur can become part of this market.

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