Problems with opening of restaurants in Kazakhstan

Problems with opening of restaurants in Kazakhstan

For people who plan to start their own business it is very important to be aware of the problems that a potential entrepreneurs faces in our country. In Kazakhstan, the government supports the setting of small and medium businesses, and this is a very good opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen but it is not so easy to open a restaurant. There is a list of problems related to our legislation.

The first problem is connected with the location. In restaurant business the location is the most important component, for example if you open a high category restaurant in the working-class quarter, your restaurant will go bankrupt, because you open the restaurant for a certain contingent of people, and an employee of a computer shop cannot go to a high category restaurant because it is very expensive. We cannot open our restaurants where we want because cities of our country do not have infrastructure for restaurant business. If you plan to open a restaurant in a city center, it is difficult to find a free place for your building.

The second problem: For the reason that you had not found the free place in city center you bought an apartment on the first floor of a house and opened the restaurant, but here you have problems with the house residents. Because the noise from the restaurant interferes the residents’ life and they complain and can sue the businessman. Ventilation tubes also go out of the window and the residents have to breathe in unpleasant smells. This is often the cause of the closure of restaurants.

The third problem is connected with Health Inspection Agency. If a businessman has found solutions to the first and second problems, it does not mean that everything is all right. The next problem is government health code, the license to sell alcohol and safety systems. Your restaurant has to meet all these requirements before you can operate. But it is not easy to be tested by state organizations, you should have perfect cleanliness and all the equipment for keeping and cooking food, you should also have perfect safety systems. But even if you get everything perfect, the officials of state agencies can claim money for giving the permission to work. The problem of corruption is very acute in our country.

Finally we can conclude that there is a large number of fundamental problems in restaurant business in our country and the government should make the licensing system easier and to support entrepreneurs. The successful development of small and medium businesses will help to raise the economy of the country as a whole.

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